ESA Telecommunications & Integrated Applications

  • Space photons bring a new dimension to cryptography

    ESA and its partners will investigate how satellites can distribute photon ‘keys’ to help secure encryption.

  • Full house for EDRS

    The EDRS–SpaceDataHighway has now begun regularly relaying Earth images from Sentinel-2A, which marks the last of four Copernicus satellites in orbit being brought under the EDRS service.

  • Satellites paint a detailed picture of maritime activity

    ESA has helped coastal authorities to track up to 70% more ships and pick up nearly three times more ship positions via satellite than was possible before.

  • ESA to clear congested skies with Iris

    ESA has signed a €41.3 million contract with Inmarsat to help get more flights in the air with fewer delays, increased safety and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

  • From satellites to the sea: VDES offers global link for ships

    There are yawning gaps in our interconnected world: unable or unwilling to take up satellite communications, many smaller ships find themselves isolated on the high seas. ESA is part of an ambitious effort to upgrade an existing VHF system to provide wide-bandwidth two-way communications to all mariners.